SEO Methodology

Build a web site, increase your earnings

We at eBusinessWeb employ only legal and ethical search engine optimization methodology that has been proven to be effective at improving the rankings of our client’s sites. This process includes:

· Website Analysis

During this stage of the process, we will evaluate and analyze your site and determine just how SEO-friendly it is. We will also find out how your web site’s current search engine results page standings and determine what can be done to improve them.

· Site Redesign and/or Enhancement

After your site has been analyzed, the features that have been determined to be detrimental to search engine optimization will be fixed. Depending on the diagnosis made about your site, this could entail making minor renovations or completely redesigning your site.

· Keyword Analysis and Selection

At this stage, our SEO specialists will then analyze and suggest a list of appropriate keywords to be used for your site’s optimization. The keywords will be chosen based on their relevancy, competitiveness and how much traffic they will drive to your site.

· Content Creation

When you have chosen which keywords you would like to be used for your site, we will then incorporate these keywords to content written specifically for your web site. After you’ve given your approval to the new keyword-rich content, it will then be uploaded to your site.

· Off-page Optimization

Another important process in search engine optimization, this stage involves increasing your site’s popularity by building "back links" to your site through directory submissions and other link generation techniques. "Back Links" are links back to your site fromthese directories and other sites. Contextual links back to your website improve the way search engines rank your website.

· Site Maintenance and Monitoring

This phase of the process involves monitoring how our SEO campaign is progressing. When this stage has commenced, you will start receiving monthly visibility reports detailing how each keyword is fairing until our promised results have been achieved.